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CPR Training Kits

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CPR training kits are an inexpensive and convenient way to teach people how to give CPR. They come with everything you need to comply with OSHA standards and are very easy to use. They also include an instructional CD or USB drive. The materials in the kits are also easy to understand. Some are even available on Instant Download, which can make them even more convenient.

CPR training kits come in many styles, including traditional and e-learning. The American Heart Association offers DVD-led CPR training kits that teach adults and children how to perform CPR. They also include information about the use of an AED, how to perform choking relief, and other life-saving techniques. The kits come in a convenient resealable case and are portable. They also include a training manual and a certification.

CPR training kits differ in the type of manikins used. Advanced manikins have internal structures that increase the realism of the simulation. Some manikins feature a sprung-in-place sternum, which feels more realistic to the person performing CPR. Other models contain a stomach that expands if the right respiratory techniques are not used. The most important thing to remember when choosing a CPR training kit is to select one that mimics the type of patient that will be practiced.

The American Red Cross offers a wide range of CPR training kits. These kits can include CPR manikins, masks, face shields, and AED trainers. Additionally, they offer comprehensive lifeguarding and babysitter kits. And, if you want to learn on your own, you can buy a single First Aid or CPR training kit.

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